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A commercial fire system isn’t just for the safety of people and property; it’s also a legal requirement.

When having a fire system installed in any commercial establishment, it is essential to keep a few things in mind. Just because it is a requirement, do not try to get by with a cheap or low grade fire system.

While it is understandable that a business has several other expenses and the fire system seems useless when it sits there unused, just imagine the number of lives and assets it will save if need be.

Here are five important things to keep in mind when installing a commercial fire alarm system.

Ensure it is well designed: When it comes to commercial security systems, do not always go after the cheapest options. A cheap fire alarm isn’t designed with the highest standards. More often than not, it is made with low grade materials, which is why it has all chances of malfunctioning in a short time.

Make sure to register it: All security systems must be registered with the city or county you are located in. if the system is triggered and police is dispatched, you will be fined for not registering the system.

Check if it has fire detection: It is usually too late to alert everyone about a fire once it has spread. A fire alarm system should ideally be able to detect a fire even before it spreads. This is why a fire detection feature is a must.

A fire alarm system with a fire detection feature will never sound false alarms and will also notify users about maintenance and repair of smoke detectors.

Test it regularly: Everyone hopes and prays that a fire system never needs to be used. But to keep it in working condition, the system needs to be tested regularly. If you cannot run a test on your own, contact the installer to test the system for you.

Make sure it is easy to maintain: Not every fire system is easy to maintain. When installing, make sure the system is easy to maintain, repair, and upgrade. Maintenance should also be provided by the company itself.

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