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January 29, 2019
Audio Visual Systems Chicago
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February 5, 2019

Even though a fire system chicago is such a useful security solution in any commercial property, not many seem to understand how it exactly works.

By installing a commercial fire system, Chicago business owners can ensure safety of both their property and their people. But not knowing the mechanism behind the system can keep many people away from using this security system.

A fire alarm is made up of several modules, all connected to one another. There are smoke detectors and heat sensors that are alarm initiating devices.

There are notification appliances like bells, alarms, and sirens, producing a loud noise to draw attention. Then there are fire control units like fire extinguishers and sprinklers. Making these systems work are wirings and power supply.

But how exactly do these modules work?

The work of a fire alarm system begins with the detection of smoke or heat. These modules are designed to be activated by a certain level smoke or heat. Normal smoke and heat from cooking will not trigger the sensor. Only in case of a fire, when the smoke level is higher than normal, the sensors will be activated.

The work of the smoke detectors is the most important in the whole system. If the smoke detectors are not triggered, then the rest of the system will also not work. Similarly, if the smoke detectors are turned off, the whole system will not work.

Once the smoke or heat sensors are activated, the alarm will go off, alerting everyone about a possible fire.

Importance of fire system Chicago

Fire alarm systems only used to be installed in commercial establishments even till a few years ago. But today they are also installed in residential properties.

There is no alternative to a solid fire alarm system if you want to protect people and property from a devastating fire. If detected early, a fire can be stopped from spreading and further danger can be avoided. With no fire alarm system, it can be too late once the fire is detected.

A fire can destroy an entire building in a short time frame – depending on a few factors. Therefore, a fire safety system should be present in every building. By installing a fire system, Chicago business owners can make sure that their assets, properties, and employees remain safe from fire-related hazards.

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