Clock Systems

Let’s face it, people are busy. Everyone has a schedule to keep. Businesses are no different. Whether you are a small mom and pop shop or a large school district, clocks are what keeps you on schedule. At CES, our staff can assist you in designing a clock system that fits your needs. From single clocks to a synchronized clock system throughout your facility, CES has your solution. Our Clock Solutions At CES, we offer a variety of clock solutions to help your organization stay on task, including synchronized clock systems as well as wireless systems that grab their information from satellites. Our clock solutions make it easy for you to update all of your clocks at once instead of changing each clock one at a time, and we can customize them to suit your facility’s specific needs. From digital display clocks to analog clocks, we offer a variety of time displays to suit your preferences as well. Quality Clocks from Quality Vendors We provide our customers with only the highest quality clocks from leading vendors in the industry, including the following vendors:
  • Dukane
  • Valcom
  • Prime Ex Wireless
  • ATS
Our vendors hold the same stance we do on providing quality electronic solutions and customer service, so our clients can be sure that they are receiving only the highest level of customer care and support. Stay On Time—Contact Us Today Give us a call today at (815) 741-3333 for more information on how we can create a custom clock system for your facility.