Maintenance/ On Call

Ensuring performance and reliability of your fire alarm system

The safety of your operation and your employees depends on the reliability of your fire alarm equipment. Our expert service and maintenance can help you make the most of your equipment investment.

All CES service and testing technicians are IBEW affiliated, and follow well-defined, published service and testing procedures based on the latest National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local requirements.

Commercial Electronic Systems factory-trained technicians are available 24 hours a day; experienced in all major manufacturers of fire alarm systems, from hardwired zone systems to modern addressable multiplex fire alarm systems. In the event where emergency service is needed after normal working hours, the CES answering service will have a technician contact the site to evaluate the emergency and if needed have a technician dispatched to the premise. For your convenience, we maintain a large inventory of parts and devices from various manufacturers, including smoke detectors, manual pull stations, and ADA compliant strobes. Same day delivery is available for all material in our warehouse, and to handle priority response calls. All of our service trucks are well stocked with fire alarm panel modules and field devices for on-site assistance.

For fire alarm system testing, Building Reports inspection testing software is used for each location, custom checklists are produced, and reports are generated listing every device in the system along with its specific location and status. For your convenience, a detailed report of all devices tested will be provided to you from our office after each inspection we complete. Additionally, if any malfunctions or deficiencies are found during the inspection, a repair quote will be provided to you. For more detailed information on Building Reports see the Audit/Compliance tab.

Ensuring performance and reliability of your security intrusion, camera, card access, and nurse call systems

CES provides expert service and maintenance for other critical systems of your operation. Proper service, preventative maintenance, and testing of your system is important to ensure these critical systems work properly in time of need.

Maintenance and testing of panic/hold-up buttons as well as motion sensors and door/window alarms is critical to employee safety and property loss. Also, testing of the security system so that it properly communicates the correct signals to police department or monitoring station is performed.

Camera system digital video recorders, computer workstations/servers, and network switches often require software revision updates and hardware maintenance to ensure reliability of the systems. CES provides an annual test and inspection, including the cleaning of all indoor and outdoor cameras at your protected property. For healthcare providers, Code Blue and patient station maintenance and testing ensures that these critical system work properly.