Many facilities utilize an intercom system to communicate with specific people without having to be in the same room, allowing these facilities to operate at top efficiency. Schools, hospitals, and business agencies are just a few examples of where intercom systems are being used each day, but our technicians can customize any intercom system to fit the exact specifications of your organization’s needs.

Custom Intercom Solutions featuring Best in Class Vendors

At CES, we can customize an intercom systems to best fit the needs of our customers. Whether you own a small junior high school or a large healthcare facility, our sales staff can customize our intercom solutions to create a one-of-a-kind system that allows those in your facility to communicate with each other more quickly and easily through the intercom system.

As the trusted provider of choice for intercom systems, we stock only the best intercom solutions on the market, including those from the following vendors:

  • Valcom Class Connection
  • Aiphone
  • Quam
  • Atlas Sound
  • Dukane

Additional Services Available

CES also provides ongoing intercom maintenance so businesses and organizations can better spend their time focusing on more important things. We also offer system upgrade support so that when your organization and building expand, your intercom system can also expand and continue to run smoothly without causing your organization to skip a single step.

Communicate Better Today

Communicate quicker and more efficiently with an intercom system from CES. Give us a call today at (815) 741-3333 to speak to a CES professional about your intercom needs and to start customizing your system today.