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February 7, 2019
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February 13, 2019

It is mandatory by law for any size of business to have adequate fire safety procedures and equipment. Fire safety systems chicago may cover the entire gamut from a defined process for emergency situations to installation of fire alarms, detectors, mass notification systems and fire fighting equipment.

On the electronic side, a business would need to install mass notification systems and monitoring services for fire alarms.

Fire systems – detectors and sprinklers

The front end of fire systems Chicago to ensure safety of lives and property is the installation of appropriate smoke and fire detectors linked to alarms and sprinklers that swing into action to nip fires in the bud and thus prevent extensive damage.

Each working area in a large commercial establishment must have adequate ceiling mounted detectors and sprinklers and these need to conform to local regulations in addition to being well maintained. These are tasks that commercial electronic systems Chicago carries out to perfection with its trained professionals.

In the event a fire does take place then video security systems and cameras as well as intercoms can kick in to assist in pinpointing the location of a fire and to advise people on safety procedures for evacuation.

Mass notification systems

Fire is just one risk that a business faces. Floods and weather conditions also constitute an emergency in which case occupants of a building need to be notified by a public address system or intercoms.

CES have trained manpower to design and implement mass notification systems, implement them and monitor their performance. Of course, emergencies like fire or medical care are always critical and one cannot install just any garden variety of monitoring systems.

It has to be proven and customized to suit the user, an area where CES possesses expertise and experience in choice of vendors and installation for top-notch performance.

Monitoring systems

You think of installation of detection and monitoring systems but who will keep an eye on the monitor. CES, specialists in fire safety systems Chicago, partners with Emergency24 for monitoring of fire alarm systems.

Emergency24 has UL approved processes and systems and CES handles maintenance, inspection, testing and monitoring services to comply with US national fire alarm codes.

Should a malfunction be observed, an appropriate alarm is generated to help take appropriate action. These types of monitoring systems are also tied to security systems, video, and intercom networks for better communication and notifications.

CES comprehensive fire safety systems Chicago based safeguards property and lives and assures peace of mind.