CES is partnered with EMERgency24 for monitoring of all burglary intrusion systems, panic alarms, emergency call button systems, and elevator emergency phones. EMERgency24 are backed by a nationwide team of operators ready to dispatch the police – following any protocol required by local authorities – to the protected property should there ever be a need. Our systematically trained monitors thoroughly examine every signal to ensure the proper actions are taken and that every communication is accomplished in the upmost efficient and courteous manner. Only with a monitored system can your protected property personnel call for help by pressing a panic button linked to a phone line or radio transmitter. This allows them to summon help discreetly should there ever be a hold-up at your business.

Updating contact lists and requesting other changes to a monitoring account has been made simple by using the CES Data Changes email address to request changes.

Business owners benefit from EMERgency24’s Open/Close Supervision service that alerts a them when their system has been disabled, armed, or disarmed outside of specified hours. The established open and close times will govern this service so management can track its employees’ arrival and departure times. The way the Open/Close Supervision works is that a call is made by the EMERgency24 monitors to advise when the conditions have been violated. Open/Close Logging Only is also offered, where the system arm and disarm times are saved and can be viewed later if needed.

EMERgency24 offers two-way voice monitoring of elevators in the event that a car may become disabled and occupants are trapped. To be able to identify the specific bank of elevators within a building, a special account number is required for each elevator that is monitored.

EMERgency24 also offers Emergency Call Button monitoring service that is ideal for parking garages, open campus space or stairwells to provide a means of calling for emergency help should it ever be needed.