Mass Notification

Why do you need a mass notification system?

A mass notification system is beneficial for many occasions, whether it be for morning announcements at school or to notify nurses and doctors of a code blue emergency. It can even be used to notify a facility of an emergency weather situation or of an intruder entering the building. In the case of many unfortunate circumstances, occupants may need specific instructions on where to go and whether or not they should evacuate the building, which is why mass notification systems are so important to have in every school, healthcare facility, and business.

Our CES and Edwards System Technologies’ EST 3-Sixty can merge emergency communications and agency-listed security control to help you manage crisis situations better so that those residing in your facility will have all the information they need to stay protected.

Custom Systems Created by Experts

Our technicians have gone through both union and manufacturer training, which has equipped them with the expertise needed to create and install even the most complex mass notification systems. These qualified and reliable technicians will create a custom, state of the art mass notification system specifically for your facility to ensure that everyone in your facility is connected and aware of any important message or instruction, which can be especially important in the case of an emergency.

By using only the best of the best equipment and products, including those made by Valcom, GE, and Edwards System Technologies, we provide businesses and organizations with only the most reliable mass notification systems possible.

Stay Informed—Get Your Mass Notification System Today

In the case of an emergency, don’t leave your employees and visitors without direction. Make sure that they will have all the up-to-date information they need with a mass notification system customized to fit your facility’s needs by giving us a call today at (815) 741-3333 .