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March 28, 2019
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Safety Measures have become every day conversations whether you are in a corporate setting or a casual event.  Fire Systems Chicago can alleviate potential disasters before and when a fire does begin everyone can be safely evacuated.

Prevention and Monitoring

As a business owner prevention and monitoring are important for protecting property and lives.

Once all fire alarm systems are in place, monitoring the equipment is the best way to maintain protection.

Having a monitoring service means signals will be checked. The response teams, local fire department, and key people will get contacted immediately when disaster strikes.

In addition to monitoring signals, maintaining that there are no malfunctions with sprinklers, gas alarm detectors or there has been no tampering with the system.

Mass Notification

The mass notification system is a crucial so that vital information can be given on a broad scale.

Having a notification system is critical when time is of the essence.

Mass notification systems let businesses communicate on a large group scale quickly and reliably whether it is an emergency situation or just a general announcement.

Detecting a fire early can mean the difference in protecting people and belongings and having Fire Systems Chicago and protection will give piece of mind to all involved.