Expand your vision with Cop-in-a-Box

Commercial Electronic Systems, Inc. (CES) has partnered with several Chicagoland communities to provide a “Remote Access Monitoring”, or RAM solution. Cop-in-a-box gives communities the ability to add video surveillance to areas that require constant monitoring, without the need to assign law enforcement personnel to the location. Cop-in-a-box also allows law enforcement personnel to survey a potentially dangerous situation BEFORE they arrive on scene. The result is a safer community and added safety for your law enforcement personnel.

Here is how it works:

A Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera is mounted in a weather proof box that can be mounted on traffic control, lighting or utility poles throughout the community. Each box can be equipped with a variety of communications and recording options to allow for remote access to the camera. The camera can record locally to a DVR placed in the box, or can be recorded at a central location.

CES is the premier provider of remote monitoring systems. The enclosures are custom made to your specifications, and can include features such as a Kevlar lining, multiple lens color light bars, and a variety of personalized options. System standards include a NEMA 4 rated 12 gauge steel enclosure, temperature controls, PTZ camera and light bar.

Call today and let CES “Expand Your Vision”. We provide a “turnkey” installation including setup, training and service & maintenance.