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November 1, 2017
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November 3, 2017

4 Benefits of IP Intercom Systems

An IP intercom system offers several core advantages over an analogue system. An IP system essentially uses your existing IP network, such as the internet, rather than focusing on an analogue system that requires heavy cabling and installation. There are advantage beyond this, but let’s start there:

Ease of Installation

Analogue systems require their own cabling, but IP systems use infrastructure you already possess. That means much less cabling will need to be put in. This translates to less cost, less installation time on site, and less distraction for you and your employees.


This is a pretty important expansion on ease of installation. An IP intercom system can handle a range of calls – one call point, 300 call points, 500…. The IP system is much more scalable than an analogue version. The lesser cabling requirements also mean a wide-ranging intercom system is easy to implement.


IP intercoms offer a range of advantages over analogue intercom systems. If a visitor is seeking someone in particular, the call can be re-routed to that person. If that person isn’t available, you can continue to re-route. You can also automate this, so that if someone doesn’t pick up in a certain amount of time, it will automatically switch. You can program the hierarchy of switches down the line, so that you can be sure when someone’s out of the office or on vacation, the intercom call will be re-routed to someone else.


There is a clear quality improvement with IP intercoms. There won’t be the frustration of static or disruption on the line. When linked through video, you won’t have the problems of low frame count or over-pixelated video.

Installation and implementation is quick and easy if you work with an experienced electronic systems installer. We have that experience, and we’ve installed intercom systems for offices, schools, warehouses – just about any facility can increase efficiency and communication this way.