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March 20, 2019
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March 26, 2019

There are a number of benefits of intercoms in a commercial setting. Perhaps its biggest advantage is enabling smoother and better communication in any office space. From making announcements to grabbing attention of the audience, there’s a lot that intercoms Chicago can help a commercial establishment achieve. Aside from offices, other places that use intercoms are schools, colleges, hospitals, and more.

Still in Use Today

Intercoms have been in use for several decades, and it’s still as popular and useful today as it was when it first started to be used. Even with all other technological advancements, intercoms have managed to retain their place in the commercial space.

So Many Attributes of an Intercom System

Regardless of the kind of commercial establishment you own, there’s always room for intercoms Chicago. If you need to make an announcement to your employees, you don’t need to have them assembled together.

You can simply make the announcement on the intercom system and everyone will get to hear it, wherever they may be on the premises.

Aside from communication, there are many other ways in which intercoms benefit the functioning of a commercial space. Some of them are as follows:

Integration with CCTV

It isn’t unusual to find intercom systems to supplement access to a commercial facility. Instead of facilitating open access to a building to unauthorized people, the person manning the gate can communicate with individuals using the CCTV cameras and intercom system.

Following this process allows for greater security at the access point of a commercial establishment.

Integration with access control

There may be certain areas in a commercial establishment that are not open for access by everyone.

To ensure this, access control systems are used. It can also be useful in conjunction with intercoms Chicago. This means, if an employee wants to access certain parts of the building, they will need to identify themselves, which can be done with the intercom system.


No matter what kind of technological system you have, you can always integrate it with intercoms. From CCTV to access control, everything can work together with intercoms Chicago.

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