Intercom Systems
4 Benefits of IP Intercom Systems
November 2, 2017
digital signage
Using Digital Signage to Feature Your Previous Work
November 6, 2017

Digital signage uses an electronic display to advertise a business and feature its products. Rather than printing out new content, you can simply update and upload using software provided with the digital sign. It’s easy and fast, allowing you to use a sign space in flexible and response ways. You can even use web connectivity to feature live updates and information. Here are some ways to take advantage of this:

  1. Businesses in particular industries might subscribe to a syndicated approach to updating. This is often educational in nature, helping people to learn and become more interested in the type of products you’re offering. Franchised businesses often do this in their digital signage with particular products and prices that are similar across a region.\
  2. If there’s a weather event or other emergency alert, you can feature live updates from a local or national weather service of your choice. People can look to your outdoor sign for live updates. This helps them be more aware and safer, while also encouraging them to look to your business as a reliable source of information.
  3. If there’s an event you’d like to live-tweet on your sign, such as a local graduation or sporting event, you can do this on your sign. This helps people identify you and your business as involved with what they’re involved in. After all, if they’re working nearby or driving past, they’re not able to be at the event themselves. They feel they can take part in it, through you. Done right, you can even offer a live-stream or live clips on some digital signs, although please make sure you have permission from the event to do so.
  4. You can form agreements with other local businesses to carry some of their content on your digital sign. You can do this in trade for compensation, or in exchange for time on their digital sign. It may attract more customers for both businesses to feature on two signs part-time than one sign full-time.