CCTV Cameras
Different Types of CCTV Cameras
October 31, 2017
Intercom Systems
4 Benefits of IP Intercom Systems
November 2, 2017

Intercom systems can be better than relying on phones for communications that happen inside an office. This is especially true when it comes to managing security and access. People often forget that they can also be used to make an office more accessible. Keep in mind these factors when considering an intercom system for your workplace:

Security: Just like a home security intercom system, you can speak to people trying to gain entry before allowing access. Two-way intercoms allow a conversation between desk and access point. This also saves a trip to the entrance if it’s an unwanted visitor.

Flexibility: This is particularly idea for security offices that may manage multiple points of access, either from the exterior or inside of a facility. Intercoms become useful in this way for warehouses, records facilities, labs, and any area that manages multiple access points or areas subject to levels of security.

Comfort: You don’t need to get up every time you need to have a word with someone. If you just need to transmit a quick thought, an intercom allows this without interrupting the other work you’re doing at the moment.

Accessibility: For those who have trouble rising or walking, intercoms can allow them the same complete communication that others in a spread-out work environment enjoy. Many workplaces put accessibility second, but elements like intercoms can benefit the office as a whole and those with difficulty walking in particular.

Phone Replacement: Many types of facilities don’t allow phones. Others may request phones be turned off, or the signal may be blocked. This can be for privacy reasons or to avoid interfering with other devices. Intercoms allow communication that’s often quicker and more direct between offices. They become very necessary in environments with mobile device restrictions.

Emergency: Intercoms offer a crucial redundancy system in case of an emergency. When disaster strikes, we don’t always have our phones with us. In case of emergency, a building intercom system can be crucial to helping emergency personnel assist potential victims.