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February 12, 2019
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February 14, 2019

Communication is the backbone of business and this also includes internal communications. Why install additional intercoms when today’s IP PBX systems usually have intercom facilities is a question one may well ask. There are distinct advantages to having separate intercoms Chicago based for your offices.


Independent intercoms Chicago systems are far more versatile and can do a lot more. For instance you have the choice of wired intercoms with speakerphone facility.

You can just as well integrate a couple of wireless intercoms into the system in locations such as large industrial complexes where extended wiring is not feasible. Intercoms can be installed on each desk or used as a security add-on. It can be as flexible as desired and you can easily add more lines when needed.


Intercoms do permit easy intra-office communications but, more importantly, they can also enhance security systems Chicago. For instance, a door intercom with a speakerphone and mic may improve security and permit access only to authorized and recognized personnel. Intercoms can deter crime too.

Life safety systems and fire systems Chicago benefit by inclusion of intercoms Chicago in the chain. Intercoms can be used to warn, make announcements and initiate safety measures quickly, saving life and property in the process.

Better communication facility

Full featured intercom sets may have a speakerphone on each unit. One feature may permit broadcast of messages that can be heard over the speakerphone and this saves time when making announcements.

The same feature can be used for team collaboration with employees not needing to leave their desks. It can also be used for paging someone. You can use intercoms for group calling and also one-to-one hands-free conversations.

If you want a private chat, you can always use the handset. Commercial Electronic Systems Chicago assists businesses in choosing the right system, in installation and with maintenance support to ensure intercoms keep working all the time.

Better productivity and quieter offices

Since employees can communicate while they are at their desks and still carry on work, this saves time they would spend going back and forth. Intercoms can reduce sound levels.

You do not have a scenario where employees shout out loud – they use intercoms. Since it is an internal wired system, audio quality is so good that even a low murmur comes across crystal clear.

Reduced insurance premium

You could see reduced insurance premiums if you have fire systems, life safety systems, and intercom systems in place since your premises will be considered as being better secured. You save on premiums and intercoms payback the investment over time.