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How to Choose Cameras for Your Security System
October 30, 2017
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November 1, 2017

There are different types of CCTV cameras that are all useful for certain environments. Some have housing that helps keep them subtle and clean, while others are practical yet visually obvious. There are advantages to each depending on where you need to place them and what you need them to do. Here are the four basic types of CCTV cameras:

Dome Camera – These are the subtle cameras your eye often overlooks indoors. They appear to be an opaque black dome hanging from the ceiling (the dome can be made clear or another color). They’re easy to overlook, making them especially good for indoor environments where you need to maintain an aesthetic. The dome will also protect the camera itself from dirt and grime, making them good for dirtier environments.

Box Camera – This is the type of camera you’ll think of when you consider outdoor security coverage. Box cameras are easy to use and well-suited for outdoor environments. They’re more obvious indoors. This can be a benefit if you want people to notice the cameras. If you want your cameras to blend in, consider dome instead. Box cameras have a great range of lenses and are easily customized.

PTZ Camera – “PTZ” means pan-tilt-zoom. This camera can be controlled for a very complete range of observation. Zooming also allows the camera to take in a whole scene and then focus in on precise details. These can automatically track movement or be controlled remotely by joystick, keyboard, or mouse.

Bullet Camera – These are the small cylindrical cameras that often hang from a thin stem. They’re some of the easiest cameras to maintain and can be fitted with enhancements for low light. They don’t need exterior housing.

Many businesses mix and match depending on their needs: box or bullet cameras for obvious exterior security and dome cameras inside so that customers won’t be distracted by them. Perhaps a PTZ camera sits in the far corner for added ability to zoom in on a detail. Cameras should fit a plan of coverage that helps you to keep your entire location safe and secure. CES can help you come up with the most cost-effective plan for your business.