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Fire Prevention Tips Your Company Needs Now

According to the National Fire Protection Association, office fires do more than a million dollars a year in direct property damage. The last thing you want is for your office to be part of one of those fires, and doing what you can to prevent one is nothing short of a must. These tips can help.

• Make certain you’re following manufacturers” recommendations on all maximum volt/wattage loads when it comes to both equipment and power strips and adapters. You may even want to go as far as asking an electrician to inspect them and your outlets to be sure overload doesn’t occur.

• Replace appliances that seem to be getting hot when you touch them or those with power cords that are frayed. If you’re ever in doubt that an appliance is performing as it should, have it replaced immediately or at least call a repair team to take a look at it.

• Don’t allow employees to use candles or oil/wax warmers in personal or shared workspaces. Many municipal fire codes go as far as to expressly forbid these items because they pose such a fire hazard in an office setting. If you don’t already have one in place, create a policy surrounding these items.

• Create a good plan. Part of preventing fires in an office fire is ensuring that you have a plan to deal with them, so determine the best escape routes and meeting places for your entire team, then practice on a regular basis.

• Add Equipment. Adding a fire alarm system as well as a sprinkler system and fire extinguishers can help you deal with a fire in your building quickly and efficiently.
Fires in businesses happen all too often, but with the right fire alarm system, you’ll get the warning you need. Learn more now.