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3 Business Phone System Features To Watch For

It seems communications technology is ever changing. The need for better business phone systems, though, never changes. Your business runs on communication. How can you get the right telephone system to help meet your needs? Watch for a choice that includes at least these three features.

• Choose Find Me, Follow Me. If you have an email in your inbox, you can probably get it from anywhere, right? Shouldn’t you be able to do just that with your phone calls too? Find Me, Follow Me systems give you that option. If you want to have all of your devices ring at the same time (your office phone, your cell number, and your business partner’s phone), that’s possible. If you want them to ring in a sequence, that’s an option too with these systems. For example, it could ring in your office first, then on your cell. The third ring could send it to your voicemail.

• Go Visual. The last thing you want to have to do is sort through all of your voicemail messages, right? What if you spend that time reading the voicemail instead of listening? See if you can find a service that offers voicemail transcription options instead. A system like this can help you to better prioritize the messages you need to return sooner.

• Get Control. Many systems, like the Strata CIX, offer call control from your desktop. It’s a great way to combine the power of your computer with the power of your phone system. It means a chance to dial, transfer calls, and even start a chat session without having to actually pick up the phone. What’s more, though, is that you can instantly see who is available and transmit important information in an instant.

Your business phone system should work so much harder. Take a look at how we can help make that happen today.