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July 12, 2017
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July 17, 2017

A Closer Look at Toshiba’s CIX Phone System

Almost any company needs a solid telephone system so you can communicate with the outside world. One of the options we offer is the Toshiba Strata CIX phone and voicemail systems. The perfect way to get the communication you need, these phones mean real power for your company. Take a look at the features these phones offer.

  • Many Endpoint Types: You can connect with your customers when and where you need to with these systems. It supports a number of devices and endpoints, including IP phones, smartphones, and even attendant consoles.
  • Integrate Mobility: One of the best features of these phones is that you can integrate voice, video, and data throughout your network. On-site, you can choose from many different wireless and soft phone options that mean you get access to the advanced calling features no matter where you are on campus. Off-site, you can stay connected with a wireless IP phone or a soft phone client that uses your laptop or tablet to communicate.
  • Better Conferencing Options: Thanks to the included Strata Meeting application, you get instant access to dial-in audio conferencing and web collaboration. It’s fully web based, so anywhere in the network is already connected. You don’t even need client software on the machine, just internet access.
  • Call Manager Feature: Wouldn’t it be nice to have call control from your PC? With Strata Call Manager, you get exactly that. You can dial, answer or transfer calls, and much more without grabbing a phone. It works with Outlook and other Chat features to help you broadcast your message.

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