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December 21, 2018
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How do you communicate with your employees? Although phone systems, business phone systems, and mass notification systems are effective, commercial intercom systems are, sometimes, all you need.

They are an important part of a business’ security system, especially if you own or manage a car dealership, office building, school, catering hall, or apartment complex.

With many businesses seeing high levels of traffic, but lacking the security measures to protect customers, employees, school children or tenants, intercoms play an important role in ensuring that business owners have an effective element in their security system.

Why Your Business Should Have a Commercial Intercom System

Here is a look at some advantages of commercial intercoms for your business.

  • Be Connected: Phone calls and text messages are not always received instantly. Even with instant chat or messaging functions, you cannot be sure that someone you are trying to get in touch with will answer right away.

When you have a commercial intercom system, you can get in touch with anyone when you have to relay an urgent message. It allows for a quick and easy response without interrupting your colleagues while they are working.

  • Make Announcements: As useful as the phone systems used in your business are, they, at most, allow for conference calls for a few people. However, your phones will not have the ability to contact many people all at once, especially in cases when you have to make an announcement.

Though an email can help you make such a declaration, commercial intercoms can communicate with everyone throughout the entire business. Such announcements are even more important when you are testing the efficacy of your business’ fire alarm system and you need to indicate that testing and fire drills doesn’t mean that there is an actual emergency situation.

  • Improve Security: You can improve your building’s security with a commercial intercom system. Through integration with security cameras, these intercom systems can help in guiding employees to where they need to be without straying into a restricted area or getting lost.

At the same time, you can guide them to safety during an emergency where it is possible for real panic to occur. You can also communicate quickly, with security guards who are overseeing the security systems or on patrol around the building.

Commercial intercom systems have many benefits for any business, big or small. They add an extra layer to your security system and ensure that your employees, customers or visitors, and place of business are safe and secure.

If you want to install commercial intercoms for your business, you can trust Commercial Electronic Systems, Inc. to provide a system that suits your specific needs. For more information, visit or call today.