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Every commercial establishment prefers to use access control these days because of the security they offer. When it comes to large establishments, it often becomes a problem to manually manage who enters the premises, especially if these is more than one access point. Employing several people to man access points is often expensive as well as less secure than using an automated technology. Access control Chicago usually involves providing authorized people with a pass card or key that they use to enter the premises.

It’s almost like gaining access to a hotel room with a pass key. It makes the process of managing the access points of a building so much easier and convenient. Even small businesses and residential areas use access control these days for better security.

There are various types of access keys that are provided to employees to gain access to a building. Some are common than others, while some are more secure. Here we discuss the top four access control cards and their usefulness and features.

Traditional key cards

If you are even vaguely familiar with access control systems, then you will know what a traditional key card is. It is the most common type of access control card, and it works by placing the card in a reader to get access to a building.

Proximity cards

They are much like traditional key cards, but instead of swiping it on a reader, you have to place it near a scanner. Proximity cards are great for granting basic access within the commercial premises.

Active proximity cards

Active proximity cards are a little different from other key cards, because they have an internal lithium battery to power them.

There is an advantage of this type of card and that is it can be placed farther away from a scanner and still work. However, these cards typically last five years or less, and are also more costly, because the battery runs out.

Contactless proximity cards

These are very versatile and low-cost key cards, used for basic access, attendance data, and biometric templates. Although they don’t have much room to hold much data, they are affordable and a useful solution for basic needs.

Access control Chicago is the need of the hour. Get in touch with CES Complete to have your commercial establishment equipped with advanced access control systems for better security and greater convenience.