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A fire is the most devastating thing to ever happen to your commercial building. Whether you run a restaurant or a flower shop, a fire can ravage the whole place in a few minutes. In the US it is required by law for every commercial establishment to have a solid fire safety system in place. This is the must also be maintained regularly to be in working condition. Without a fire system, your commercial property can also face legal trouble. Therefore most commercial properties these days have fire systems Chicago.

One thing at a time

But you cannot just install a fire system according to your fancy. There are several things that you need to consider in order to get the most out of the system. This is necessary because if the fire system does not work at the right time it is meaningless.

There have been instances when fire systems have a failed to work, leaving the property damaged in the fire. Before you install a fire safety system, you should get a professional with experience in installing designing and supervising fire alarms to come and inspect your commercial space.

Different kinds of Fire Systems Chicago

Only after a thorough inspection it can be determined exactly what kind of file system you should install and exactly where in the building.

The type of fire system: a fire alarm system consists of three different modules: the detectors, the alarm system, and the extinguishers. After the smoke and heat detectors notice a fire, the alarm system attracts attention by making a loud noise.

After that the sprinkler system is activated, and the extinguishers can be used to put out the fire. There are three different kinds of fire extinguishers: carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, clean agent fire extinguishers, and water and mist fire extinguishers.

Carbon dioxide is used to put out fires where there are no flammable or combustible substances or high value assets. Where carbon dioxide extinguishers cannot be used, clean agent extinguishers are used.

Water and mist extinguishers are the oldest but still the most popular type of extinguishers because they are safe to be used everywhere.

Fire codes and standards: not only should you install fire systems in Chicago but also comply with the fire codes and standards in the country.

Compliance matters

The National Fire Protection Association has laid down certain guidelines for every commercial establishment to follow regarding fire safety and protection. Unless your state is exempt from these regulations, your commercial fire system should be in compliance with these codes and standards.

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