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January 10, 2019
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Video cams have become so commonplace at traffic points and retail points that they are hardly noticed by public. These cameras are part of a security systems chicago chain that can include, among other things, access control, motion detectors, and alarms.

Security Systems Chicago

One of the simplest security systems Chicago businesses can adapt is access control based on biometrics or magstripe cards.

Only authorized personnel can access specific areas. Such access control units track employee and visitor movements and maintain a record that can be accessed later in case of need. Unauthorized attempts may trigger an alarm to alert security personnel.

CCTV cameras

There is an array of CCTV cameras ranging from fixed dome type units to pan, tilt and zoom units with full color capability, in addition to IP cameras. The type of security video surveillance camera you need depends on your premises and specific security needs.

For large premises with buildings spread afar such as factory premises with warehouses and large perimeters, one may need infra-red night shooting capability in the video cameras.

These are linked to recorders and monitoring displays in a central control room. Commercial Electronic Systems, Chicago offers various options that can be implemented according to a business’s needs.

Small business owners may be content with a couple of IP CCTV cameras that can be monitored over a smartphone and provide a cost effective solution. Larger enterprises may require a network of surveillance systems, possibly tied to motion detectors.

Motion detectors

Where CCTV cameras are not present or may not work then infra red or other type of motion detectors provide adequate security to prevent break-in attempts. These are usually linked to alarms right where the motion detector is located to warn off burglars and another alarm at a control center to alert security personnel.


Commercial electronic systems Chicago configures and installs a complete series of alarms to suit objectives of a business client. Alarms may be combined with sensors that trigger when anyone attempts to tamper with a lock or a bolt or enters a restricted zone.

Alarms may be the manual, pushbutton type operated by humans when they perceive a threat such as a hold up in a shop where a floor mounted button could trigger an alarm at the nearby precinct. Alarms can be linked to a video camera that automatically snaps a picture when a burglar or an intruder attempts something.

It does pay to invest in proper security systems. It may be expensive but think of your peace of mind and the losses you probably prevent. Deterrence matters!