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October 3, 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions About A Security System
October 9, 2018

Commercial security systems come with various features. A fire alarm system is one of them.

Although both residential and commercial establishments should have the required security systems in place, it is absolutely indispensable for commercial spaces because they are larger and also involve more people.

The chances of danger are also significantly higher in commercial establishments. Therefore, no commercial premises should be without a top notch security system.

They come in various forms, prices, and designs to suit the size and scope of the establishment. Small businesses with under 50 employees can install a simpler system while a larger organization should go for a more advanced design.

One of the biggest mistakes that commercial establishments make after installing a fire system is forgetting the steps afterwards.

It’s true that just by installing a fire alarm system there is greater peace of mind but there are various steps that need to be followed after installation. If you do not follow these steps you may also be fined. Make sure to follow these three steps.

Registering the fire alarm with the city

The municipality of every city keeps track of every commercial fire alarm system. If you ever need to use your fire alarm and the police is dispatched and they find that your fire alarm is not registered you will be fined. Just like registering a new vehicle, a new fire alarm must also be registered with the city or county you are in.

Ensuring everyone knows the operation

A fire alarm is not a decorative piece that’s meant to brighten up your office space. It is supposed to be put to work when needed.

In that case, you have to make sure that each and every person in the building knows how to operate the system. In case of a fire, the person closest to the alarm system should trigger it.

That is why each and every person on the premises should be given training how to properly use the system when needed.

Knowing your distress code

Every security system including a fire alarm comes with a built in distress code. This is a secret code that only the user knows and in case of an intrusion the distress code is used to alert the others. Make sure everyone in the premises knows this distress code.

If you do not know what your distress code is you should contact the installer or security company and find out.