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September 19, 2018
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A public address system plays a crucial role in any workplace. Although they have been around for ages, the importance of this communication system hasn’t dwindled one bit.

Busy, loud, and crowded places like airports and train stations, shopping malls, and schools rely on these communication systems to announce messages to a large group at the same time.

Public address can be made even more effective by using a sound reinforcement system. This is referred to any communication system that has been amplified for a live audience.

Progress has been made

For a long time, people thought that a public address system referred to only speech and announcements and “sound reinforcement” referred to live performances such as music and concerts. However, in modern business, both of these systems converge to become one.

Sound reinforcement is part of a professional audio system. Although it is mainly used to enhance sound and music effects, it often has dual roles to play.

Mainly used for entertainment and speech reinforcement purposes, sound reinforcement also has a role to play in life-safety systems.

The clearer the communication system, the higher the chances of the message reaching everyone. Public address systems must be installed keeping in mind the space and ambient noise levels. This is when the sound reinforcement system is helpful.

If a business has space constraints but still wants to reap the benefits of a public address system, CES Complete can overcome the acoustical challenges and ambient noise levels to design and install a sound reinforcement system that’s effective, pleasing to the ears, and also affordable.

Components of a sound reinforcement system

  • Some of the essential components of a sound reinforcement system include:
  • Microphones, direct injection boxes, and playback devices such as CDs.
  • Mixing consoles, equalizers, effect crossovers, etc.
  • Cables, amplifiers, speakers, etc.

Why CES Complete?

There are various reasons to choose CES Complete sound reinforcement system including:

  • The sound system integrated with fire and security systems
  • Uniform decibel level that is comfortable on the ear as well as effective for large areas like an auditorium, board rooms, etc.
  • Special mechanisms to overcome acoustical challenges in noisy areas
  • Audio clarity and sound reinforcement system for smaller places like classrooms
  • Remote controlled with a touchscreen system

For over 40 years, CES Complete has been installing high quality sound reinforcement system in various establishments. For a professional consultation, get in touch with CES Complete today. We know this arena! This is not a guessing game!