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Installation of Sound Reinforcement Chicago Systems
February 20, 2019
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Rock stars typically use sound reinforcement systems with thousands of watts of output power coupled to sets of speakers. The sound quality and power as well as other factors are critical to delivery of a perfect audio experience.

Sound reinforcement systems need to be chosen with care and it needs an expert audio engineer to give advice. This is so that you can choose one that is just right in terms of performance and cost.

Installation is just as critical so you are better off with someone like commercial electronic systems Chicago for supply and installation of sound reinforcement Chicago systems.

The components of a typical sound reinforcement system

A typical sound reinforcement Chicago system starts with microphones. Microphones can cost a few dollars and the best ones can cost hundreds or even thousands with various properties such as omnidirectional or cardioid.

Types range from condensor to magnetic dynamic microphones with XLR balancing so you can run long cables to the preamplifier or mixer.

The next in line would be preamplifier and mixer console where ease of use and technical considerations, number of inputs and outputs are factors to consider. The amplifier is the heart of the system and CES helps you pick one depending on the area to be covered and desired decibel levels required.

You may use a bank of amplifiers each with hundreds of watts of RMS output power to feed speakers. The chain also includes signal processing that will normalize or adjust treble and bass. Importantly, speech quality gains clarity.

Loudspeakers are the front end and here too so it is prudent to choose with care. Considerations such as dimensions of drive units and numbers of speakers to handle power and yet reproduce audio with minimum distortion are the main considerations. Secondary considerations, equally important are placement and distance separation.

Here again, one needs delay lines in feeds to overcome issues of echo that can reduce speech intelligibility. Installation of speakers needs careful consideration to ensure no dead points or peaks in the spread of sound.

All sorts of venues

Acoustics of the hall and sound insulation are just as important if you want the sound reinforcement system to deliver.

Audio is extremely complex especially where sound reinforcement for large areas is the topic. You do need specialists in selection of equipment, stellar equipment, as well as equally well engineered installation.

Commercial Electronic Systems Chicago and its team of audio specialists help in all aspects of sound reinforcement.