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An access control system is a security technology designed to protect an establishment from authorized access. Although these systems are used mostly in buildings where a huge number of people enter and exit every day.

Since it is manually impossible to keep track of the people who come and go, an access control system secures the establishment from unauthorized entry.

When an access control system is deployed, people can only enter the premises when they provide the appropriate pass code. This ensures only the people with permission to enter can access the premises.

If your establishment hasn’t yet made use of an access control system, here are 5 reasons why you should.

For the security of the staff

Everyone wants safety. When the staff comes to work they want the assurance that the establishment is safe from dangers.

An access control system provides everyone on that premises with the peace of mind that no one can enter the building unless they are authorized to. This makes the workplace much safer.

For reducing instances of theft

Since access control can be used in any part of the building, it also helps reduce instances of internal theft. According to a survey, almost 5 percent of annual revenue is also to internal theft. The smaller the business, the harder it is to identify the theft.

Not only is it a loss of money and inventory, but also has the potential to turn into a bigger problem. By restricting access to high security areas within the premises, instances of theft can be greatly reduced and altogether stopped.

For tracking entry and exit

The access control system provides a digital record of every entry and exit in the premises. Every time someone is granted access to the property, it is recorded digitally, and can also be reviewed later if necessary.

In the event of a theft, the log can be checked to find out who was where within the premises when the incident happened. The same applies to evacuating the property in case of an emergency.

All reports are always available, complete with day, date, and time. You can also electronically manage the attendance of the staff.

For remote access

If s technician or contractor requires access to a part of the property no one else is authorized to let them in, you easily do it with the help of the access control system.

For eliminating keys

All the staff members can use pass cards, buttons, or fingerprints to gain access to the property. This eliminates the need for carrying around a bunch of keys.