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February 19, 2019
Sound Reinforcement
Choosing The Right Sound Reinforcement System
February 21, 2019

Many people think of sound reinforcement as being something as simple as buying and putting in place a powerful amplifier, mixer, microphones, and loudspeakers. However, when it comes to sound reinforcement, you truly need a skilled audio and acoustics engineer to pick the right sound reinforcement Chicago systems and then carry out very precise installation with thorough testing for the system to deliver expected results.

Sound reinforcement equipment

Making the right selection keeping in mind the end result is important. Where orchestral or music performances cover a large venue, you will naturally need high power amplifiers coupled to speaker systems.

Power is just one thing. There must be headroom in the amplifier to handle sudden peaks.

Another factor is the frequency response that becomes important in a music concert. The amplifier needs inputs from various microphones and outputs. This can be from microphone preamplifiers go to mixer to adjust level and quality of sound.

Then there are digital signal processors to normalize sound or boost midrange or cut midrange. Also, to cancel microphone feedback howl, reduce echoes, compress audio or other purposes.

Acoustics in Sound Reinforcement Chicago

Acoustics play a significant role in how listeners perceive the sound. Acoustic engineers examine acoustics of the hall or environment and then decide placement of speakers to face the audience and spread sound in a way that there are no troughs and peaks.

On top of this, there is the matter of speed of sound in air that becomes noticeable in large halls and it needs to be compensated with delay lines. The human brain is more discriminating when it comes to audio so there is a need for expertise in installation according to acoustics to achieve perfect clarity in speech and music.

Commercial Electronic Systems Chicago

Commercial Electronic Systems Chicago has a team of audio engineers and experts in acoustics. We help you pick the right sound reinforcement system, install it, and carefully fine tune it.

On the financial side you get a system that sits inside your budget. On the performance side you get a system that can work without breaking down in the middle of a performance. Also, you get maintenance support to keep systems running flawlessly for a long time.