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Every business has made use of digital signage at some point. They are big, attention grabbing, and they call out your message effortlessly.

Digital signage are used for advertising, brand awareness, and to announce information with the use high-quality graphics. In fact, digital signage as an industry is supposed to be worth more than $20 billion by 2020.

The cost of client acquisition is getting higher by the day, and no one reads or responds to print advertisements anymore. It has become more important than ever to grab the attention of people, given the growing competition in business. Digital signage is perfect to grab attention and make a first impression.

Here are the top benefits of digital signage in business.

Higher retention and recall rate

It has been found that when people see something on a digital billboard, they are more likely to remember it. A large number of people choose one business over another because a signage or billboard caught their eye.

Compared to static displays, digital billboards have a 50 percent greater success rate, and 80 percent more recall rate. Repeat business also gets a boost when the digital signage manages to hook people.

Increase in revenue

When retention and recall rate increases, repeat customers increase, and revenue also gets a boost.

It is a proven fact that businesses that use digital signage not only enjoy greater visibility but also have a 33 percent increase in sales. Because digital signage create an immersive experience, they last longer in the memory of the audience and also create a stronger impact.


One would assume that digital signages are more expensive than other forms of advertisement or promotion, but they are actually affordable.

Once you put up a digital signage at a prime location, you can forgo print advertisements, traditional billboards, posters, and brochures. Digital billboards get the job done quickly and more efficiently compared to other forms of promotion.

Ease of deployment

Digital marketing signage is created and deployed online, so there is minimal hassle. It is often easier than printing ads or distributing leaflets. Digital tracking allows the business to monitor the success or efficacy of the signage.

CES Complete has been involved in creating custom digital signage for all types of businesses for over 40 years. Whether you want to display a notice inside the premises or a graphic billboard for your audience, CES Complete can help you achieve the desired results.