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August 29, 2018
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Intercoms installed in offices come in a variety of models including the buzzer, PIN code-based or swipe card. In addition, one could even press the button for a state-of-the-art biometric lock with a built in intercom. No matter which type or model you choose, all intercom come with certain notable benefits.

Ensures reception security: Security is of prime importance in any business set up and intercoms play a crucial role here monitoring the entry of anyone who enters your premises. This is more so if there’s no specified reception area.

It also aids a single receptionist at the reception area to filter out visitors and to prevent the unwanted ones from getting in.

Intercoms enhance inter-floor security: Intercoms are also effective inter-floor devices, which can be controlled from a central security point within the premises to give the staff varying clearance levels. Intercoms placed internally deter prospective thieves from going beyond the premise’s ground floor.

The CCTV advantage: Video-based intercoms are greatly helpful to night shift security staff who usually operate alone and don’t have back up support in case there’s an emergency. A record of any ungainly event that takes place is often the only proof to back up their statements if challenged.

Video intercoms will record the photograph of any person wanting entry and whether the security personnel checked his ID before allowing him in. CCTVs have time and again proved to be excellent tools for visual identification and helped solve crimes faster.

Intercoms lead to reduced insurance premiums: An office that installs a state-of-the-art intercom system stands to get a better deal from its insurers in terms of premium payable for office and warehouse insurance.

Chances are you could locate an insurer that recognizes the importance of this as a protective barrier against attack and burglary and decides to give you a discount. There is more of a chance of this occurring because of lower taxes which is better for all sorts of businesses which means it is better for the consumer.

Value addition: Powerful intercom systems help building owners to keep moving their staff as and when required and don’t need to worry about employee safety either.

Moreover, should the building be used as a storage facility, it would result in substantial cost savings and increase efficiency as well.

Choosing the Right Intercoms

When you intend installing intercoms, you first need to check out exactly what you need from them. Accordingly, you could ask your vendor to supply you with a customized system that serves your purpose best and at the lowest possible cost.