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When we talk about security systems, we refer to a particular type of electronic equipment that is designed and manufactured to perform specific security operations such as access control, surveillance, intrusion control, and alarming and is powered by a main electrical source and also a battery power backup.

Principal components of security systems

All security systems comprise multiple alarms, CCTVs, and access controls. They are workable from remote zones and may also be utilized as fire recognition and avoidance systems, access control systems as also to record attendance at the workplace.

Classification of security systems

Security systems are classified on their functions and the technology used in manufacturing them. Based on functions, electronic security systems are classified into surveillance security systems using CCTVs; attendance/access control system and fire alarm/detection system.

A CCTV-based surveillance system watches over an area where the camera is the security system’s eye and which visualizes and saves all surveillance data that gets recorded.

These CCTVs and IP cameras transfer image information to a remote place of access and are largely used to record human traffic in a specified area. The alarm gets triggered after it receives a signal from the cameras that are connected to the CCTV system.

An IP surveillance system enables the user to control and record audio/video by using an IP PC network/ system, for example, the internet or a LAN. An IP-Surveillance system utilizes a Polaroid system switch, a review computer and can save both video and audio.

A digitized audio/video stream is transmittable to any distant location through a remote IP or wired system that enables the user to control and record video from anyplace within the network/system access.

Fire detection security systems, on the other hand, are primarily sensor-based and are backed by an alerting circuit or alarm. The system’s main function is to rapidly extinguish a fire by filling the affected zone with a fire extinguishing chemical or foam while its sirens should warn occupants of the affected area to evacuate the premises immediately.

The sensor used in this system depends on whether it is created for home automation or fire detection in factories, public places, and ware houses.

Finally, attendance control systems provide secured access to another system. These are based on user credentials, and access is available only through biometrics, smart card, or pin credentials.