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Commercial Security System For a Jewelry Store
August 3, 2018
Fire Barriers
Maintaining Accreditation: Proper Temporary Fire Barriers
August 8, 2018

Most equipment around the workplace gets beat up over time. Hand trucks get flat tires. Copy machines wear down. Even your carpet might get a quick reshuffling of filing cabinets to hide a stain instead of tearing it up and laying down new. After some time and use, half the equipment in any office begins to look like MacGyver took a crack at it. Your safety equipment must be an exception to this. How do you protect fire sprinklers?

  1. To start with, never hang anything from them. Some workplaces see their sprinklers and their pipes as extra hooks and hangers. We’ve seen displays strung up using the sprinkler as an anchor. This is dangerous. Any damage to a fire sprinkler or its pipe can cause it to fail during a fire. Please install ceiling hooks to help you with displays and decorations.
  2. Don’t paint fire sprinklers over. Paint can cause the sprinkler to malfunction and limit its effectiveness in the event of a fire.
  3. When you’re moving tall, heavy objects, make sure you know where the sprinklers and their pipes are. Avoid bumping into them. A heavy piece of furniture jammed up against a sprinkler, can bend it out of alignment and cause it to fail.
  4. Make sure they get regular inspections. Sprinklers can be tested without turning them on full bore. Protect fire sprinklers and this can help you ensure that you’re keeping your business and employees safe year-round.
  5. Winterize your sprinkler system. This helps any outside elements keep from freezing over. It also eases pressure on the pipes and keeps your sprinkler system working year-round.
  6. Make sure you have a fire alert system installed. A sprinkler system can suppress a fire, but it’s not a complete answer in and of itself. A strong enough fire can overwhelm a sprinkler system’s ability to suppress it. A monitored fire alert system ensures that the work the sprinkler does to delay a fire and keep people safe isn’t wasted.