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Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend. They are also a burglar’s favorite. And the best place to find diamonds is at a jewelry store. Burglars are smart these days; they only attack places where the payoff is large.

You don’t have to watch the amazing movie Blood Diamond to know about that!

Therefore, if you run a jewelry store, you must take proper security measures to keep your jewelry protected. But when it comes to jewelry, the ordinary protection isn’t enough. You must install a commercial security system.

Play the Game

A commercial security system is vital for any commercial space, from an office to a warehouse. After all, there’s only so much that a physical security guard can do, and most burglaries happen after the shop has been shut done (there is not too many smash and grab thefts despite that happening in that CSI NY with the females and those masks they wore – yes – this all blew up in their face but this is another topic). This is why a proper digital security system is extremely essential.

Don’t Make it Easy

There are various types of security systems that you can install at your jewelry store. CES Complete is your one-stop destination for all types of security solutions without the hassle.

Even if you think yours is a small jewelry store, you must get a security system installed because you never know when someone attacks your establishment. Even a small attack can result in expensive damage and losses.

There is a number a number of security options available for your jewelry store, such as:

Video Surveillance

Security cameras such as CCTV camera provide video surveillance at all times, even when no one’s at the store. If burglars manage to break in, the footage will be captured by the security cameras.

If burglars know that there are cameras within the establishment, they hesitate to break in. Video surveillance is critical for any store, regardless of size.

Burglar Alarms

As the name suggests, a burglar alarm is designed to keep burglars away and alert everyone in case of a break in. not alert authorities of a break-in. If any door, window, or glass is broken during a break-in, the burglar alarm will go off and alert everyone. Usually, a burglar alarm prevents the burglars from getting past the front door.

Panic Button

This is another important feature of a commercial security system package. If your store is big with different sections, you must consider installing panic buttons at discreet locations. In case of a break-in during working hours, employees can press the button to alert everyone in the building about the attack. Panic buttons have no sound, so the burglars won’t know everyone or anyone has been alerted.

CES Complete has been in the industry for over 40 years. Get in touch today for the best commercial security solutions at competitive pricing.