Mass Notification System: Guiding Your Business Through Disaster
September 14, 2017
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October 13, 2017

Needs of a Modern Fire Alert System

Most facility managers and executives haven’t given much thought to their fire alarm system. They make the mistake of thinking that one fire alarm system is the same as any other. There are basic needs that must be fulfilled, and yet many facility managers overlook or do not know about.

Information for Emergency Services

One of the most overlooked aspects is the need for a certain type of communications system that the fire department uses. These are required for large facilities and any high-rise (usually qualified as a building taller than 75 feet).

Because large buildings contain so many rooms and potential locations where a fire could break out, fire departments utilize more complex systems to be able to gather information before going in. This helps them prioritize what needs to happen first.

Such a system will first and foremost tell them if the building needs to be evacuated. This deals with the spread of the fire, occupancy, and the department’s own judgment in terms of best safe practices.

Increased Safety for People and Property

A system like this can also help firefighters pinpoint exactly where the fire is and how far it’s spread. A simple alarm system can’t necessarily do this. If confronted with an old system without this capability fire departments are much more likely to evacuate the building as a precaution. They also put themselves at more risk because they have less information to help keep themselves safe. More damage will also be caused to the building, since firefighters will have to be more deliberate in their response.

Most fire codes have strict requirements for the level of fire alarm system implemented. These don’t just save lives and keep firefighters safer, they also protect more of the facility from getting damaged. If you fail to meet local fire codes, you can be held liable for damage, injuries, and even deaths that result from the failure to implement a modern fire alarm system.