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September 13, 2017
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Mass Notification System: Guiding Your Business Through Disaster

Many organizations have done a good job of establishing plans for disaster response and disaster recovery. Businesses that have put thought into it even have multiple plans depending on expected emergency types – fire, natural disaster, shooter, server loss, data breach, ransomware. For the most prepared of these organizations, everyone knows what to do in each type of emergency. Every manager and employee knows their role and what’s needed to help those around them perform theirs. There’s only one thing that even the most prepared businesses sometimes forget: how to let everyone know that there’s an emergency in the first place. This is where mass notification comes in.

Centralization of Communication

Having a plan is good, but disasters and emergencies necessitate keeping informed and adapting to new circumstances. If everyone knows what to do in an emergency, but no one knows one is taking place, then all that planning goes for nothing.

Mass notification is a way of managing communications with all your employees and even business partners, emergency personnel, and authorities.

If an emergency or disaster occurs, you can send out information via text, e-mail, message, and automated phone call. Messages can be prepared beforehand for different situations and different messages can be sent out to different personnel depending on what’s needed. As the situation evolves, you can continue communicating to all your personnel or particular groups in order to continue managing the information they’re getting.

Skipping the Delays

You can confirm receipt of these messages to keep on top of who’s notified and who’s still in the dark. This is all managed from one central program. This is a far better solution than calling haphazardly to get everyone going.

Even for a moderately-sized organization, if you have a plan for response but you have to notify 10 or 20 people call by call and text by text, you’re delaying your response sometimes for hours and distracting yourself from managing your business’s recovery. This becomes an even worse delay the more people you employ. Centralizing communication in a disaster makes you more flexible and responsive. That’s what mass notification does.