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Enhancing Audio Visual Systems Chicago Into a Telepresence And Conferencing System
March 7, 2019
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Maintenance Systems Chicago Crucial For Upkeep of Your Electronic Safety Systems
March 13, 2019

Your life safety systems Chicago should include on priority smoke and fire detectors and alarms. Commercial Electronic Systems Chicago offers a complete line of smoke, gas, and fire detectors and alarms that can be rigged in the ceiling and installed at various strategic points inside your office premises.

Fire can be very damaging, resulting in loss of life or injury to people. Detectors sound the alarm and help staff members to take timely action to prevent fire from spreading.


Threat from people is real and this threat can be from burglars or arsonists who may enter the premises and cause damage to property and pose a threat to life of people inside.

One good way to ensure that only authorized people enter the premises is to use access control Chicago devices based on cards or biometrics that CES can source and install to suit your premises.

Security Systems

A small mom and pop store does face a security threat. Larger enterprises have similar security concerns that can be addressed with the installation of security systems Chicago.

A simple video surveillance camera is a good way to start. Also, intrusion and motion detectors are another part of the security system series you can install.

Keeping systems in perfect working condition

Also, merely installing security and life safety systems Chicago is not sufficient.

You need to ensure that the systems are always in perfect working condition. CES ties up with Emergency24, a monitoring service that can alert the police in case of a threat. Also, we ensure systems are well maintained at all times.

Choosing the right life safety systems Chicago

Choosing any or all of the above cannot be a haphazard process in which you just put random pieces together and expect perfect operation.

This is where consulting Commercial Electronic Systems Chicago and getting their guidance on a suitable system to assure life safety can help your business gain better protection at a lower cost.