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March 6, 2019
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Communications and collaboration are the keys to productivity in business. Audio visual systems Chicago play a key role in facilitating communication and collaboration provided such systems have the right features.

Furthermore, video conferencing is becoming ubiquitous and you may be contemplating of how to purchase and install a video conferencing system that does not cost the earth. The solution may be quite simple.

Commercial Electronic Systems Chicago helps to design and install audio visual systems Chicago and digital signage Chicago and then add in features that transform it into a telepresence system. It costs much less than a dedicated video conference system and can do much more.

The right audio visual systems Chicago

  • The audio-visual system Chicago that you install should have certain features that help in easy transformation to a video conference facility as and when required. One requirement is Chromecast and wi-fi.
  • The other thing you may need is a digital signage Chicago system. This is because it may have better and larger screen with wi-fi and Chromecast capability.
  • Employees usually use their mobiles and laptops in offices for office purposes. These devices already have a microphone and camera as well as wi-fi and internet capability.
  • Commercial Electronic Systems Chicago can help provide a perfectly integrated audio-visual system with selection of the right components and set it up to work as telepresence or video conferencing system as and when you need to have interactive video chats with remote workers, remote customers or remote suppliers or teams in another location.

Turning audio-visual systems to video conferencing systems

Technology helps and one technology that is just perfect for video conferencing, sharing documents and presentations within video is WebRTC, which is a browser plugin that works on Chrome.

Given this feature, it is a logical progression for employees to use WebRTC on their browsers. This helps connect to the audio-visual system through Chromecast or use WebRTC broadcast or video chat.

Documents can be shared and presentations can be made during the conference and you do not need specialized hardware.

With this integration, your audio visual systems Chicago and integrated digital signage Chicago screen transforms into a video conference room.