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Setting Up in-House Monitoring and Surveillance Center With Security Systems Chicago
August 14, 2019
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August 28, 2019

There is an enormous need to provide more security and life safety within companies and institutions.  These days, we see it everywhere and honestly, nowhere is safe.  Flexible video surveillance software improves security capabilities and keeps a sharp eye.  Enabling a digital system that has the intelligence that allows you not to have to watch the cameras every second of the day.  Having options for recognition, specified behaviors, and patterns.  Here are some facilities that these security systems Chicago is perfectly matched for.


School safety and providing security is a top priority of parents and school districts alike. Due to all the violence and deaths from elementary, middle, high school, and colleges.  Providing safety where it matters most.

The first way is by having improved video surveillance with more eyes on the building. Also more features to listen and view everything.  Being able to view a live video on multiple cameras and then being able to opt-in on one camera to get an up-close view when needed to monitor.


As any retailer can tell you, theft is a daily occurrence, and it eats away at the bottom line.  Besides the individual shoplifter who takes one or two things and leaves.  The bigger issue is the professional lifters who come in a group. While one is distracting the salespeople, the others are taking multiple items in a matter of minutes. Therefore, the staff doesn’t realize it until the table of sweaters is cleared out.  Having a strong surveillance system can provide options to prosecute theft, watch for patterns, and deter these actions.

With a detailed surveillance system, it can also track loitering, crowd detection, and cashier actions.  The surveillance provides protection for the company as well as employees.


Financial institutions need to secure both assets and personnel.  Video surveillance helps with maintaining operational compliance.  It gives the option to monitor, identify a potential threat, and if a situation occurs enhance and assist with investigations.

Medical Industry

Safe and secure environment for both medical professionals as well as the patients.  This industry has a variety of security systems Chicago aspects needed.  Within a hospital, there is a cafeteria, gift shops, pharmacies that need a point of sale security and potential theft opportunities.  There needs to be security for general care areas, psychiatric wards, treatment areas of inmates, emergency rooms, and neonatal.

Video Surveillance Security Systems Chicago

CES offers Salient Systems as a solution in video management solutions.  Providing installation and training on how to use the system’s features.  Whether you need to watch from the premise or on a mobile device while away.  There is a snapshot feature that allows a snapshot to be taken out of the video.  Advances in technology offer many life and security systems Chicago.  We understand the need to secure your facility and save lives. With over 40 years’ experience, we can help you specifically find a solution.