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September 11, 2019
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Large cities with a huge population, it is hard to protect all the citizens and arrive there with a moment’s notice.  There are just not enough resources within law enforcement to fight against all of today’s current problems. That is why you need life safety systems Chicago.

New Life Safety Systems Chicago

In short, there is a new system that offers a higher degree of security and safety. With crime on the rise, it indeed offers an excellent vantage point.  The life safety system Chicago is Cop-in-a-box.

Cop-in-a-box gives communities the opportunity to utilize video surveillance to areas that require constant monitoring, without a physical person being there to watch and patrol.  It helps with city budgets on the manpower required to physically patrol the area.

Cop-in-a-box also gives personnel the ability to see a dangerous situation before arriving on the scene.  It is a life safety systems Chicago for both law enforcement and for the citizens. It can see approximately four streets each.

The software program that is part of cop-in-a-box can view the layouts of the property and alarms.  You can get real-time access and watch from a computer in a patrol car.  Cops also are able to view multiple cameras, up to four at once, to get a broader view.  The recordings are also available for observing to use on previous incidents. In addition to monitoring different parts of the day.

How does Cop-in-a-box work?

Cop-in-a-box is a surveillance system that gives a bird’s eye view.  They mount a weatherproof box on a utility, lighting, or traffic control pole approximately 30 feet up.  A Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera is attached inside the box.  The camera’s recordings can either go to a specific location or to a DVR that is placed within the box that is installed.

Depending upon the needs of the location and what enforcement or city officials think best, it can include a Kevlar lining, color light bars, and other customized options. The color light bars act as flashing lights that are mounted on the top of the box. They light up when suspicious activity is happening. Deterring predators is an added bonus to the flashing lights.

Safety in Chica

Commercial Electronic Systems, Inc. (CES) has been providing safety and protection solutions for individuals and businesses.  They understand that technology can answer with efficiency and necessity.  With Cop-in-a-box they are expanding law enforcements eyes and protecting the city’s people.  Several Chicago communities have this surveillance system set up and running for law enforcement.  With the amount of crime and trying to ensure safety and justice for citizens is more and more complicated. Let Cop-in-a-box technology see what is going.