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January 24, 2019
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Gone are the days when a telephone was all that a business needed. Today, it is digital technologies and electronics that drive virtually every commercial activity. The telephone is just one link in the chain of audio-visual communications. A typical mid-size business in Chicago, for instance, would need an audio visual systems Chicago based that would comprise of various elements.

Digital Clock Systems

Commercial Electronic Systems Chicago offers digital synchronized clock solutions to ensure accuracy. A large office may have clocks in different areas and it is important to keep them synchronized so that employees can adhere to schedules and do not miss meetings.

Enterprises can choose to upgrade entire clock systems to a single, central point controlled clock or install analog clocks that are digital controlled.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is way better than passive posters or hoardings since one can display audio-visuals, videos, ads and signs according to the business goals. Stock traders may use digital signages to display ticker tapes while digital signage Chicago can help shops to attract and inform customers.

These digital signages can have an inbuilt USB port to display a multi-media presentation or be tied to a computer and be programmed to display various messages according to time of the day.

Digital signage can also be managed through wi-fi or internet from a central location. Get a customized digital signage solution in terms of the screen size and type and controller to get maximum mileage.


The usual practice is to use an IPPBX as an intercom but the use of standalone intercoms Chicago has its own benefits. These remain independent of the IPPBX and are not vulnerable to hacking and such intercoms can be wired or wireless types according to how large the facility is.

Public Address

Large institutions such as schools, colleges, retail spaces, airports, railway stations and sports stadiums benefit by installations of public address systems to make announcements or to page someone. These public address systems can be quite useful, especially in emergencies like floods and fires.

Installation needs careful consideration of the power required, time delay lines and speakers placed at strategic locations to assure volume of audio and clarity, considering acoustics of the environment.

Sound Reinforcement

Any event needs an audio system, especially music performances, concerts, speeches, and weddings. Quality sound reinforcement Chicago based needs careful selection of the entire audio chain for volume, audio clarity, and music quality.

Installation is just as crucial for quality of audio and this is where experienced engineers of Commercial Electronic Systems Chicago demonstrate their expertise in complex sound reinforcement system selection and installation.

Choosing just one company for the entire chain of audio visual systems makes sense, especially from the performance and maintenance perspectives.