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September 13, 2018
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September 19, 2018

When building, renovating, or relocating an office space, the audio visual system isn’t on the top of list of priorities.

It can also be difficult to visualize how the AV system fits the new environment. Although there are several options on the market today, they aren’t all the same. The system that you choose must fit the company’s needs and budget, while also being efficient and low maintenance.

CES Complete specializes in various types of audio visual system for the last 40 years. Whether you need them for conference, training, or entertainment purposes, CES Complete can help design the perfect technology for your space.

Planning audio visual system for a new construction: When planning an audio visual communication system for a new construction, you have to begin with a fresh mind. You must look at the bigger picture, even imagine a little bit about the system would fit into that space.

It isn’t about what you are going to do from the first day, but what you plan to do in the future. In short, it is more about the long term needs rather than immediate needs. You also have to make sure that the audio visual system has the right infrastructure in the building.

When renovating a space: When an office space is being renovated, its current position and use have to be considered and juxtaposed with its new position and use. Will the system be installed in a new place? Will it have a bigger use than it so long did? A renovation also means fixing everything that was wrong with the current setup.

An important thing to note is placing the rest of the furnishings in before the AV system is set up. This helps you see how much space is left over for the system after all the necessary furnishings have been placed.

When relocating to a new space: Relocating is much like new construction; the space is new, so you must begin on a clean slate. If the space is bigger or smaller than the previous office, you have to consider how to fit the audio visual system in the current space.

The place must be modified not only to accommodate all the necessary furnishings and equipment, but also to fit the audio visual technology.

CES Complete is the place to be when you need expert guidance regarding your corporate or commercial audio visual system.