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July 25, 2018
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The importance of a fire alarm system cannot be stressed enough. Any building can make use of a fire alarm system because a fire can happen anywhere at any time (many times it is when people least expect it). For over seventy years, CES Complete has been supplying commercial establishments with quality fire systems.

These state of the art fire alarm systems alert everyone even at the slightest hint of smoke and help prevent a big disaster. A lot of commercial establishments avoid installing fire systems because they think a small business doesn’t need one.

But it’s a big mistake, because a fire can happen at any time. Even when a fire isn’t big enough to claim lives, it causes monetary loss. This is why the importance of a fire system shouldn’t be undermined.

When it comes to fire alarms, there are quite a few of them. To ensure personnel are safe and evacuated. What kind of fire alarm sounds are the most effective and how are they different from one another? Let’s find out.

Bells: The sound of ringing bells is the most common type of fire alarm, although its use has fallen considerably. Years ago, they used to be mostly used in schools, and to distinguish from other bell sounds, a fire alarm was usually accompanied by warning lights or announcements.

Horns: The sound of a horn is totally different from most other regular sounds, so it helps in clearly marking an emergency. Horns can also have different rhythms of alert to signal different emergencies. When the staff is trained to recognize one type of sound from the other, they know what to do in the situation.

Sirens: This sound is used to alert a large number of people over a wide area. Sirens are also immediately associated with an emergency. This is useful when a large area needs to be evacuated quickly, for instance, in a fire drill.

Public address system: This type of a system uses a pre-recorded alert to warn people of an emergency. Public address systems are often used together with a horn or siren sound. The sound captures attention while the voice describes what the emergency is.

In many places, a fire alert system is used in conjunction with emergency lights or flashing lights. CES Complete also manufactures different security solutions like CCTV cameras, electronic door locks, and burglar alarms. Get in touch with CES Complete to get wholesome security solutions for any commercial establishment at competitive pricing.