6 Ways to Make Your Digital Signage More Effective
December 1, 2017
Employing Digital Signage in Waiting Rooms
December 5, 2017

Digital signage in the Chicagoland area is a powerful tool. Just make sure that power doesn’t go straight to your head. A traditional sign never changes, but effective digital signage can be changed as often as you like. That doesn’t mean you should go hog wild with it, though. Get a head start by avoiding these mistakes:


Don’t do everything at once. You have a lot of ideas. That’s great! Don’t dump them all into your sign at one time, though. The message of one ad can be lost in the next. It’s tempting to simply throw everything out there and see what sticks, but resist this. You need a coherent theme to your messages, and a steady pace of introducing new ones will help you develop an advertising advantage.


Don’t be shy about questions. Any vendor should be able to answer questions you have about the technical side of digital signage. There’s a lot to know. Rather than playing catch-up after it’s installed, ask your questions while it’s being installed. In fact, when we install and implement digital signage in the Chicagoland area, we’ll train you and your employees on how to use the hardware and software. We’ll sit down with you and make sure you know how to use what you’ve just bought.


Don’t run the same content as the sign down the road. You want to separate yourself from your competitors. You don’t want your ads to look like theirs, or your content to emulate theirs. Separate your business by featuring original ads and content. The more you try to make your business’s advertising look like another’s, the more you’ll make your business look like a knock-off of theirs. Trust your marketing people with content that sets you apart.


Don’t forget the community. The one place where you can look like everyone else is when someone in the community has accomplished something. If a local high school team wins a major game and every other sign in town is running it, don’t be the one business that forgets to congratulate them in lights. People remember those kinds of omissions.


Digital signage in the Chicagoland area stands out and can give businesses a major advertising advantage. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this.