Benefits of Security Cameras Go Beyond Security
November 30, 2017
Focus on Effective Digital Signage by Avoiding These Mistakes
December 4, 2017

Digital signage in Chicago already stands out. It stands out from more traditional signs and ads that can only communicate a name, logo, and motto. Digital signage catches people’s eyes with its electronic look, and can communicate far more in the same amount of time. There are ways to make digital signage in Chicago even more effective, though:


Define the message. There’s a temptation to communicate too much information with digital signage. You can communicate much more than with traditional signs, but don’t go too far afield. You want everything you communicate to reinforce a central message about your business. Make sure that any advertising on your digital signage serves this central message.


Be clear and concise. It’s better to feature a few clear, concise ads in a row than to feature a single, long one. You want something that will capture someone’s imagination, not test their patience.


Share information as well. People look to signs that share information – the time, the temperature, if the weather will get worse later. If they know a sign will feature information they want to know, they’ll sit through a brief digital ad to see it. This can make them increasingly look to your sign as an information source they rely upon.


Consider the environment and architecture. You don’t want to feature a color scheme in an ad that blends into the background. You want it to stand out. Make sure you know what colors won’t stand out as well as others.


Feature the community. Corporate messages won’t carry the weight of a community message. “Have a great day!” doesn’t carry the same weight as, “Go Tigers, beat those Wildcats!” the weekend of a high school game. If your business considers the community it’s in, the community will feel more inclusive of your business.


Keep content new. There’s nothing wrong with recycling effective, old content. Just make sure this isn’t all you do. Keep incorporating new content, and give some of the old stuff a break once in a while. You want your digital signage to stand out and feel fresh, not to become wallpaper.