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November 29, 2017
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December 1, 2017

A CCTV system is useful for providing security and watching over your business when you can’t. This is its primary use – as a way to protect your business even when you’re not present. There are other benefits to a CCTV security system beside this, though.


Reduce Insurance Rates

Most insurance providers for your business will offer discount rates if you have an active CCTV security system. They do this because they know your business is better protected, and evidence collection after a burglary or other crime is much more complete

Because a CCTV system can be a deterrent, they know you’re less likely to be burglarized. Because a CCTV system collects evidence you can use, they also know that recovering assets is more likely. You become less of a liability and safer to cover in multiple ways.


Employee Theft

The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that three-quarter of employees steal. Of course, this includes taking paper clips out of the office – not every theft is an act of grand larceny. Yet some thefts are considerable, and for some businesses a single theft of money or merchandise can throw an entire store and the rhythm of its staff off.

It can make days of extra work for you, and not knowing whom to trust can ruin your relationship with an entire shift of workers. The damages are usually recoverable financially, but not in terms of the time you’ve devoted and how the efficiency of your staff has been effected.



It’s important for businesses to remember that they’re exposed to lawsuits in a way that residences aren’t. If someone slips and falls, video evidence can help investigators determine if the accident was real or staged. The more evidence you have, the more protected you and your business can be.