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November 27, 2017
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November 29, 2017

Digital signage costs more than traditional signage. This is a simple reality. Yet you invest in more expensive options for your business all the time. The key is whether that extra expense is worth it. What will your return on investment be? Will what you put in translate into a larger benefit you can take out?


Digital Conditioning

Digital signage is a primary mover for brand exposure. Traditional signage doesn’t cut through the signal anymore. People are trained to look at moving images by phones and tablets. The brain is conditioned to overlook static elements in our world more than it ever has been before. For many potential customers, digital signage is the only way to capture their attention as they pass by. They treat traditional signage as white noise and filter it out without even registering it.

In this way, advertising via signage is reliant upon digital approaches in most settings. We already naturally treat movement as something to pay attention to – therefore, movement alerts us and captures our attention in a way that traditional signs can’t. We’ve also been trained to treat scrolling text as informational by news sources. This means our brains will prioritize thinking about it over static text.


Rapid Updating

Digital signage is also remarkably easy to update. You can adjust or change it by using software. You don’t need to be swapping out dirt-stained letters on cold mornings anymore. You can stay inside and much more swiftly update the sign on a keyboard.

This means you can rapidly react to surprising events, or notify people of weather situations. You can list more sales because space isn’t an issue anymore – you just cycle the information being posted.

You can even rent space on your sign, and rotate in marketing for nearby organizations. This can quickly turn the cost of a digital sign into another source of revenue.

There are so many ways digital signs return their investment, too many to cover here. Suffice to say, digital signs cut through the visual noise we face every day, and they allow you to more comfortably, quickly, and completely feature the advertising you want people to see.