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November 28, 2017
Benefits of Security Cameras Go Beyond Security
November 30, 2017

Security cameras should be placed to cover every point of entry. That much seems obvious, but placement goes beyond this. It even addresses types of security cameras.


Basic Coverage

Place security cameras on a CCTV system at each entrance. Forced entry through a door still accounts for more break-ins than any other type of entry. Additional CCTV cameras will be needed to cover side windows. Most window break-ins take place out of view of the street, so coverage here is a necessity. Flights of stairs that lead up to entry points above the first floor should also be covered.

Beyond this, entry points without ready access should be watched. For instance, you may consider a second-story window inaccessible. Yet if a burglar has targeted your business and realizes you don’t have CCTV coverage there, it’s not unheard of for them to bring a ladder.


Hatches & Fences

Many businesses operate out of re-purposed homes. For these, ensure that you’ve covered any hatch door that accesses the basement. Alternately, or in addition, you can set a camera up on the basement stairs. For indoor nighttime use like this, a motion-sensing camera with night vision is best.

If there’s any gating or fencing to your business, entrances here should also be covered. Warehouses and campuses may have long stretches of fencing or wall. An infrared camera may be ideal for this, especially if there are patches without light. Infrared can discern detail in environments where there is absolute darkness.


Mixing Camera Types

You may be thinking that this is a lot of cameras, but angles on many of these features can often be captured by a single well-placed camera. The goal when mapping out a CCTV system is to capture the full range of of vision with the most efficient placement.

Mixing different types of security cameras into your system works well – there may be one spot where you need a wide angle, but you don’t need to see far. There may be another spot where the angle is narrow but you need to see hundreds of feet down an alley or fence. Different CCTV cameras are ideal for each, and we’ll devise the most complete and effective coverage for you.