Digital Signage Goes Beyond the Display
November 24, 2017
Is Digital Signage Worth the Cost?
November 28, 2017

Once you have a digital sign, you’ll want a reliable and cost effective solution for creating content. A digital sign is already set apart from traditional signs by its moving text and images. It already grabs attention by its very nature. Yet what you put on your digital sign determines whether you’re using it to its fullest extent. Here are three strategies you can use for creating digital signage content:


In House

This is the most cost effective solution. It requires a strong artist who can also take advantage of the technology. This means they need to have some grasp of it. You can dedicate a position to learning implementation if you like. Someone inside the business has the advantage of knowing the industry and what people are looking for.

While DIY talent might not match the skill level of a design firm, familiarity with the business being advertised is a strong plus.


Ask the Vendor

If we’re your vendor, we may be able to direct you to a strong design team that understands your industry. We can’t guarantee this in a blog because often it’s a matter of timing, but you should ask us if there are connections we can help you link to. Vendors have relationships with both sides of the industry – the businesses that use the signs and the designers who create content for them.

A signage package that incorporates third-party content creation isn’t unheard of in the industry, and can cut some of your legwork out of the equation.


Third-Party Design Firm

A third-party design firm will be the most expensive route, but the trade-off is often worth it. These are firms experienced in long-term advertising strategy and seasonal ad pushes. They’ll make the best and most eye-catching designs. Even with the cost, you’re more likely to see a higher return on investment than with in-house work.

With a focus on visibility and concise, effective advertising, you can’t beat a design firm when it comes to implementing effective digital signage content.