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November 23, 2017
Three Ways to Create Digital Signage Content
November 27, 2017

Digital signage is a remarkable tool that can set you apart from surrounding businesses that still use traditional signage. It’s eye-catching and people will linger on it far longer than they will blocky, unchanging signs. Businesses can still make mistakes in choosing digital signage, however. We’ve worked with many, and here are two crucial elements you need to remember when choosing digital signage:

Setting: Where the sign goes can change a lot of different elements to it. If it’s going outside and needs to be seen from blocks away, that’s different than if it’s going inside and people will be able to get 6 inches from it. Digital signage can be shown on an incredible range of displays. Don’t just tailor it to what you want to see. Remember to think of it from how others will be looking at it.

There are clever ways to take advantage of surroundings, ranging from meshing with nearby architecture to placing messages over a live image of the sky behind it. A clever installation can get people talking, so long as it’s practical about conveying information at the same time.

Hardware/Software: Businesses sometimes focus on the display to the exclusion of considering hardware and software they use. If you just want simple text, that’s one thing. But if you want to design¬† and utilize a range of images and video for different times of year and events, you’ll want to learn more about the software you’ll be utilizing as well.

Whether designed by you or an advertising company, you’ll be using this hardware & software combination to implement the ads and make changes on the fly. We can help you learn it when we install, so be curious and willing to ask questions beyond the display itself.

When choosing digital signage, remember that this is a long-term advertising solution. You can use it effectively, but the more you master its ins and outs, the more you can make your digital signage a talking piece around town.