Three Crucial Elements of a Fire Alarm System
November 22, 2017
Digital Signage Goes Beyond the Display
November 24, 2017

Recent disasters all across the U.S. show us how digital signage can be utilized to help communities. Texas, Florida, Georgia, And South Carolina have all suffered recent hurricane and flood damage. Oregon, Washington, California, and Montana have all dealt with horrendous wildfires.


Moment’s Notice

Digital signage covers signs that can be programmed at a minute’s notice to carry a variety of messages. Unlike traditional signs that only advertise a business, digital signs can convey news or respond to emergency situations by helping to notify a community.

This is where digital signage can do its part to help keep a community safe and sound. Many businesses with digital signs were able to keep weather updates current. This meant that even while driving and running errands to pick up emergency supplies, people could glance at a digital sign to keep on top of new developments that were taking place.

In the Midwest, we don’t have to deal with hurricanes or forest fires, but we do have to deal with tornadoes, heat waves, and some flooding, as well as dangerous cold snaps, blizzards, and ice storms. Digital signage can be a helpful way to remind people of weather and safety information they need to know.


Attention Grabbing

People get locked into their phones and don’t always think about the community around them, so digital signs are also a good way of reminding your community to take care of each other as well. Remind people to check in on the elderly and disabled members of the community when these events happen.

While the goal of this is to keep your community informed, it does also have the effect of making people look to your sign and your store as an anchor during times of worry. Showing interest in the care and safety of others may encourage customers to trust you and seek your business out more specifically.